G.O.O.D Music Artists D’banj and Don Jazzy At Odds With Each Other; D’banj Accused Of Credit Card Fraud! – US biggest hip hop site

Its obvious the matter is going global, as top entertainment websites are beginning to show interest in the Mohit saga.

This is how it was reported it. (allhiphop.com)

Ever since Kanye West signed African artists, D’banj and Don Jazzy, to his G.O.O.D Music label, the former friends and business partners have been at odds with one another.

In a recent interview, D’banj opened up about the ongoing feud between him and Don Jazzy, and mentioned that he would never cheat Don Jazzy knowing that JJC (of JJC and the 419 Squad) had cheated Don Jazzy in the past.

Well, JJC has caught wind of D’banj’s interview and is alleging that D’banj has committed credit card fraud, as well as talking about D’banj’s “419″ past and his escape from the police as the inspiration for his “Mobolowo won” video.

on the Hip Hop site, he are some comment some people made.

1. follow me on twit @ylord  Some ppl here are disrespecting kanye well guess what, kanye made a big investment over there, suprisingly dbanj will be one of his highest earning stars..The nigerian music industry has been booming for a long time now and it is the main market in africa as a whole, many of its acts make more money than some of our fav musicians in the u.s this is a fact..only in africa they get endorsements worth millions of dollars, their shows are expensive, some earn between 50 to 100 k usd for a show, so do the maths, their records are sold cheaper there but they sell out in ridiculous numbers. eeven though they sell them as cheap as 3 or 4 dollars in africa, they sell 25million copies 10 million copies, 5 millon is usually the average sale of a nigerian artist.. their actors do not make anything close to the musicians, even the stand up comedians make mad amount of money compared to actors on movies. Besides music there has experienced an increased growth in africa now and in nigeria for example they are doing very great in banking and finance, in hotel and entrepreneurship, ppl need to take a look at other places.. besides they over pay american and other foreign acts for shows, jayz does shows there and he was paid 500k for each show. Other acts like beyonce 1m, private party 2musd, Kanye or akon arent stupid to be messing with dudes over there, its a business strategy, a very wise one.. with dbanj on good music it increases kanyes fan base even further in africa and other parts of the world, dbanj, psqaure, wizkid, saucekid, tuface etc any of these artist I mentioned has huge following and they are all already established acts for years now, please guys do a google search on these names. Dbanj was already worth millions before the good music deal,  his endorsements are lucrative, he owns a phone brand, a water production company, a cloth line since 2yrs ago, the same with akons newly signed p square, they have owned properties and series of investments since 3 yrs now, they charge 100k usd per show since 2007 uptill now, this is no joke. They all buy jewellry from Chris aire the iceman who now has offices over there, I was there a year ago and couldnt believe the huge transformation going on over there, a whole new diff level of balling.. so many billionaires and millionaire business men and women, so many young successful ppl, they hire these acts for private parties and pay mad amount of money to them. So many private jets, helicopters, phantom ghosts bentleys allover diff cities there. Ppl need to travel and see other places before making judgements, dbanj, don jazzy and other artistes all live luxurious lifestyles just like the acts in the u.s, if anything is even more cos its cheaper over there, they have their own bodyguards, mansions with pools etc for years now. A friend of mine has a record company there and his best act sold 1million copies even with the piracy issues he makes so much money through shows and tours, he used to live in the u.s and work but he now lives there and even bought a crib in the states for 700k all paid out and he is rarely there. That success story is close to me and I can see that this isnt a joke, cheers ppl.


2. Looks like JJC was paid to malign D’Banj, or just wants this attention he’s receiving right now…. #DeadSoulCrackHead!



Poor journalism here. No credit to where D’banj granted the interview (how do we know if you aren’t cooking that up), no credit to where you got the JJC interview from.

Allhiphop, so you know hire jerks who seem to be interested in quick fame and traffic as writers?

It looks like Sydney Lace  was more interested in attacking Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music label by shaming  his new signings than actually digging deep to find out the truth.

JJC said something (which can be counted as hearsay because he didn’t show any proof) and you took it hook, line and sinker. That’s quite shallow for one of the biggest hiphop websites in the world.

What if JJC is bitter and wants to spite D’banj? Did you ever think maybe JJC was also a credit card thief?

Did you hear the ‘Mobolowon’ song itself to get want D’banj sang about?

I’m ashamed of AHH at this point. Quite a pity.

I hope this whole kata kata wont affect Dbanj’s image internationally.

4. man… dont nobody care about this african booty scratcha bull ish! lol f_ck outta here!!!

 fukk you, yo mama and yo beatz you african-american booty scratcha!

(yes i took offense!)



Whats you comment



  1. JJC is noting than a fustrated idiot.who is JJC in the social circuilt and in the music industry,please adivce JJC to work hard to be like Dbanji and recognize the fact that Dbanji is an legend,he should stop saying rubish things about Dbanji

  2. How many artistes does marvin records have right now?

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