RMG, Muna’s management company reacts to Mode 9 vs Muna


Few Hours After two 2 fighters (Muna n mode 9)’s news spread like a wild fire over the internet, Muna’s Management RMG, reacted with a press statement. Read Below.

This unfortunate misunderstanding happened on stage, and the verbal exchange between Muna and Mode 9, even though it started out as opinions quickly escalated into what I’m sure we all have seen in the clip posted on the Internet by Nigezie.
Mode 9 and Muna did not have any pre-existing misunderstanding or “beef” before the Nokia event.  Muna’s brief as a Presenter, aside introducing the Contestants and asking the Judges for their remarks and scores, was to add more banter to the judging process, this she had done very well and incident free throughout the Zonal “rap battles” in cities like Lagos, Enugu, Benin and Abuja.
As Muna’s management, we are duty bound to take care of this situation professionally, issue statements and all that, but as I’m in a privileged position and I know all parties involved personally, including co-judges Rogba (CEO, Knighthouse) and DJ Jimmy Jatt, I had called everyone involved to sort out this unfortunate issue amongst ourselves the morning after the incident.  The clip of the incident surfacing on the Internet only just re-ignited what we’ve been trying to diffuse since the very next day.
Like I said, we all have seen the video clip, and the interviews that followed, and of course the onslaught of comments on the internet, the justified, the objective, the insults, the threats of violence and of course a few sensible and supportive ones as well. Time will tell if Muna and Mode 9 trending on Twitter would prove to be a good thing and we’ll all get together and laugh about it later.
Muna is a fast rising talent in the rap game, this was recognized by Nokia who gave her the opportunity to appear in their TV commercial and also present the “Don’t Break The Beat” competition which was a massive success.  The brand also showed some street cred by employing the undisputed knowledge of rap in appointing Mode 9 as the Head Judge at the Finals.  We would like to thank Nokia and the team at YDx for putting together a successful competition.
Lastly, I would like to reiterate that this issue will not be resolved publicly and played out in the media or on blog pages for the amusement and enjoyment of gossip junkies and gist merchants. I’m sorry to disappoint those who are waiting with their mouths open, there will be no leaked emails, back and forth exclusive interviews or Twitter “gangsterisms”.  At least not from our side, and as you all know, Mode 9 is big a man enough not to subscribe to media hype over something that, quite rightly, he took as disrespectful but not life threatening.  This is Hip Hop, not the Civil War Part 2.
Ayo Shonaiya
The RMG Company


  1. Dis one na mumu sha……mtscheew!!! Abeg pass the mic

  2. Blazing elle,all this N̶̲̥̅̊ª̳͡ grammer,she •̸№ †ђξy watch shows,which mc don talk back.pride I̶̲̥̅̊S̤̥̈̊ gettin t̶̲̥̊ọ̥ her head!dis I̶̲̥̅̊S̤̥̈̊ naija forget hiphop,she rude.una better resolv in pubLic cos people †ђξy vex,dem •̸№ lik her b4 nw she don mak tins worse,if mode9 lyricly finish Her! N̶̲̥̅̊ª̳͡ only menstral flow she go get.*SMH*

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