Olamide vs Mi (Strong Beef)?

If you find yourself on this page, then trust me, your curiosity is as good as mine. I know all the question in your mind right now.

1. Y would olamide beef M.I

2. He is too small for a beef and bla bla bla.

But am honestly confused about this song too. Listen to the song below (I am giving you just a short part of it, keep visitiong http://www.iblaze.tv if you want to hear the full version,its  hottttt!

Download song with this link ——————————> Olamide Vs Mi Download Link



  1. wot d fuck this not olamide singing …make una park well

  2. Olamide just mess up. He thinks he can flex with the master. Any i’m on my way to the studio to revel this rebel. Cuz Mi got no more beef on is mind.

  3. Am just speechless about this.
    But no matter what has happened, olamide(young erikina), is too small to beef somebody like m.i(Mr.incredible).

  4. Olamide haz respect

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