Answer and Win Recharge Card!

Hello Every one.

Africans all over the world will be commemorating the life of a late reggae music legend,  who died on may 11 1981.


1. Who is the raggae Artist

2. What Killed him

Answer format

Here are the rules o! (Abeg Follow am, or else you are disqualified).

1. Here is an answer format. type ( Blazing NAME, Artist Name, What killed Him, Tel) thats all we need.

example Blazing Tunde, Raggae Man, Hunger 08023101806

2. Only one entry is allowed with your Name and number, multiple entry will be disqualified.

3. Entry time closes 12pm sharp tomorrow o.

4. Click Leave a reply to post Answer.

5. Just for 3 Lucky Winners WILL WIN 400 REACHARGE CARD EACH.

6. Pictures of the winners will be Published on the website

That’s all, so think before you predict. E fit be you o lol.



  1. RObert nesta maley(BoB maley) he died of cancer

  2. Biola 08031891699 Bob maley he died by god

  3. 1 Bob nesta marley
    2 In July 1977, Marley was found to have a type of
    malignant melanoma and it was A̶̲̥̅̊ symptom of an already existing cancer

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