SKAI Is not the Limit! Poem of a fast rising Producer (SkaiOnTheBeat)

SkaiOnTheBeat is the newest up and rising producer in town. He has worked recently with Soul E, LKT and some other top shots both from within and abroad. JOEL SHOBUKOLA wrote this sketch about him.

It was a Friday afternoon and we were at the BigTIME studio, the second home of SkaiOnTheBeat. A cozy environment jazzed up by the graceful sounds from SkaiOnTheBeat’s guitar strings braced by his tiny head voice.

Dressed like a hippie (Hat, Valentino shades, blue fitted top on blue denim jeans gracefully sitting on a pair of red suede loafers), surrounded by many literature materials both fiction and non-fiction. Among the books were: 48 Laws of Power, 7 Habits of Highly Effective people, My Life(Bill Clinton’s autobiography), Advanced Chess Thinking, Battlefield of the Mind and many novels from international best sellers especially Mario Puzo.

When asked “why all these books?” He simply smiled warmly, raised an eyebrow and said “I believe it is equally important to feed the brain just as we feed the body. A man starts to die the day he stops feeding either of the two.”

Right about then, an artiste sauntered into the studio and a session commenced. That was when I got to know that SkaiOnTheBeat is the kind of producer who first listens thoroughly to your song,learns it and then ask you to sing it along with him on the guitar before he then settles to make the beat. Once he has listened to the song from A-Z, suggests corrections where he feels one is needed, then you can leave him with the rest.
Well, this became understandable when I got to know that he’s also a product of that school which produced Asa (Peter King College of Music).

The recording experience was like a festivity from the alpha to the omega with one funny joke after another from SkaiOnTheBeat as he sipped gently from his Alomo Bitters.


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