A Baby was Born with Holy Quran in Lagos! Is this Medically Possible?


SHOUTS of “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!” rented the hall where the naming ceremony of the now acknowledged ‘miracle baby’ born with Qura’n was held in Mushin, Lagos State, yesterday, when the mother of the boy and the grandmother willingly told the muslim clerics who were in attendance that they would like to convert to Islam.

The baby was named Abdulwahab Olarewaju Babatunde amid admirations and outpour of tributes from everybody and sustained shouting of “Allahu Akbar!”

Speaking during the occasion, the National Missioner of Ansaru-deen, Alhaji  Ahmaad Olarewaju, who quoted the Holy Qura’n (Q41;53), “Allah said: “Soon will show them our signs in farthest part of the earth and among their own people until it become manifest to them that it is truth. It is not enough that the Lord is witness over all things.”

He, however told the mother that the baby should not be compared to any prophet. He noted that the child came to the world as any other normal child. And that there is no where in Islam that it was stated that the child is superior to other children.

Olarewaju nevertheless observed that there is mystery around the baby but Allah  chooses were his signs appear. Hence “He alone chooses what be done to his creatures.”

Among the people at the naming ceremony is a delegation from Toyibat International School, Gbagada, Lagos. The Islamic school later gave the baby scholarship from nursery to university level.

In their own message on the baby, Abdulramon Sulaimon Adangba and Abdulahi Akinbode of the Islamic organisations, Nasru-lifathi Society of Nigeria and Alifathiuquareeb Islamic Society of Nigeria respectively, urged the parents not to allow anybody to call the baby a prophet or messanger of Allah because the child was only a sign from almighty.

Father of the baby, Moshood Ogunsi, who also converted to Muslim denied  running away from home as had been reported by some sources. Rather, Mr. Ogunsi was full of praises to Allah for what he has done for him and his entire family.

The venue of the naming ceremony was turned into a carnival amid a buzz of selling of souvenirs bearing the baby’s  photographs. ‘T’ shirts, posters and calendars bearing his picture were on display among other Islamic items as patrons rushed to grab copies.

Meanwhile, over the weekend the Qura’n which the baby was born with was opened at the residence of the Chief Imam of Lagos State in the view of other members of the league of Imam in Lagos State.

His mother, Mrs. Kikelomo Ilori, 32, a Cosmetologist, told us that he was born on Monday after she had carried the pregnancy for about 10 months. The single mother claimed she was abandoned by her husband who denied responsibility for the pregnancy and encouraged her to abort it. The woman also said: “When I refused to abort the pregnancy, he deserted me, saying ‘that is your own problem’.” Mrs. Ilori expressed surprise at the birth of the boy. She added that the nurse who delivered her of the baby was physically challenged, but went about it commendably.
“When my baby was delivered holding a Quran in his hand, the nurse said the Quran should be thrown away. But I insisted my mother must see it before any action could be taken,” Kikelomo, who is a Christian, further explained.

Corroborating the story, Senior Rev. Victoria Yetunde Dada said during the pregnancy, Kikelomo was always coming to her for prayers and counselling.

“I advised her not to abort the pregnancy because she might die in the process. Again, I told her the foetus was sent by God and will be great,” Apostle Mother Dada told our correspondent. Controversy has continued to trail the seemingly spurious claim.

The question now is; is this medically possible? Do you believe that this can happen?(Inspired by Linda n yemoja)


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