Will Smith slaps reporter who tries to kiss him LOL + video Download

At the red carpet of the Russian premiere of the sci-fi trilogy MIB 3; Ukrainian TV presenter Vitalii Sediuk got what he never bargained for when he tried to mouth kiss actor Will Smith going straight for the actor’s lips outside the movie theatre on Friday night.

Smith was quick to retaliate and swivelled away from Sediuk before lightly slapping him with the back of his left hand, clearly unimpressed by the show of affection.

Sediuk, a reporter from the Ukrainian television channel 1+1, has had his fair share of brushes with fame outside his native country when he made headlines at the Venice Film Festival last September. At said event, he presented a bouquet of clearly unappreciated purple hydrangeas to Madonna, calling her “my princess.”

“He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him,” Smith said to the crowd of journalists and fans after having a pass made at him, although it is not clear whether the reporter intended to aim for his cheek as Smith swivelled to avoid him.

Was Will Smith right to have slapped the journalist? Please watch the video and share your thoughts.

Download Video With this Link ——-> Download Link



  1. He was actually right. . . .

  2. Will Smith misunderstood the guy.It is the journalist’s local form of greeting.All southern Africans hug & kiss on the cheek too.

  3. Yeah, he did d right thing.

  4. The end time is now. There is no need to said end time is coming, pls let wait up and seen before it will be too late. Prepare your self now, for the time have come.

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