Breakin News: 11 year old girl having sex with a 4 year old boy, Warri + video download

An 11 year old girl sexually molesting a four year old boy, in Iyara Warri, Delta state. This is child pornography because these two did almost everything adults do during a sexual act. A 4 year old boy! Where do these children learn all these? It happened last Friday in Iyara Warri and unfortunately the video has been uploaded online and has almost 15 thousand views already. Unbelievably disgusting and sickening! All you mothers with adult house helps, please keep a close watch on your children. Sexual molestation is real and it’s happening everywhere.

The girl was sexual molested by an elderly person, now she is molesting a younger boy, what if the young boy is now left with another young girl alone in a place?

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Note: This video is distributed not to promote Child Pornography, its is distributed to alert you that child molestation is real. Lets fight against it, before it destroys the future of our young ones. Remember if you don’t watch this video trust me you will never believe its real. please don’t blame us for broadcasting this video because without watching it, you will not believe its real. Think about the message the video is passing, and don’t take it personal, rather learn from it and lets fight against Child molestation together. Our children needs proper monitoring and education.

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  1. What a crazy world. What’s this world turning into ?

  2. Oh my God, what is this world turning into? Well is been revealed to us in d book of revelation that close to the end of d world we will be seeing terrible incident this is an example of end time. This is absurd.

  3. Nawaooo! Dis is prepostrous seriosly parents needs 2watch dere children closely

  4. This so gross.The girl should be dealt with.Juvenile or not.The society is to blamed for this.She must have seen this act either in a movie or witnessed it or maybe she has been molested by an older person.
    A 4yr old is a baby…..My daughter is 4yrs.I can’t imagine ds.
    Can a 4yr old have erection like I jst saw?
    Who took d video? Was he/she hiding n doing this Bcos it seemed the 11yr old was at alert constantly watching her back to see if some1 was coming.
    Oh!!!!!!!! I am dazed.I can’t believe ds.
    I wonder hw many oda babies are being molested all over 9ja

    • The world is coming to an end!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This i̶̲̥̅̊ƨ̣̣̇̇ basically shit,That gal has to be found and dealt with.Only God can help us i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Nigeria.

  6. May GOD touch d heart of our nowadays children for them to see that the way forward is not true sex but true the word of GOD

  7. I like the boy the boy look like me,na him baba life sty he carry

    • ANIMAL…MUMU….try and pray to God for sense

      • Animal is an understatement……werey….

    • Glad u find dis funny, u dis imbecile!!!

    • E be like say you sef wan craze join. If this os funny to you,then you deserve to be shot in the head. Mstcheeeeeew!

    • am sure u are cursed already ad if u dnt repent u ll remain dt way ad neva knw d joy of parenthood. Wt is wrong wit u? Are u sick?

    • I ‘m sure u are mad, i mean really mad, may God punish u & ur generation

  8. Am not surprised cos it has been written in the holy quran that strange would occur if world is coming to an end. This is a proof. Parents beware

  9. Please, i beg you in the name of God, remove the video link. Parents aresupposed to always keep an eye on their kids but they all are chasing after money these days. May God help us all.

  10. This world is coming to an end am telling you

    • Which world is coming τ̅☺ end,Α̲̅re stuffs like dis just happening today abegi.i don’t know y Ʊ pple re exclaiming ‎​​ãήϑ sounding surprised,its not a new tin under †ђξ sun ‎​​ãήϑ a♏ sure most kids G̶̲̥̅̊☹ thru abuses like dis at tender age but bcos its not on internet sum parent tink dere kids re saint.parent only need τ̅☺ bε̲ more careful ‎​​ãήϑ watchful shikena ‎​​ãήϑ stop shouting world is cuming τ̅☺ an end as if Ȋt hasn’t happened before

      • that is the truth. indiana us a 56yrs old man having sex with 8yrs & 2yrs in there mum roof & he was living with them at that particular time not once not twice but more then 10 times.what am tring to say is that we parent we should no who is around her kids.may GOD help we parents

  11. Dis is child abuse may God there side

  12. What kind of rubbish is dis? What is dis world turning into? I cnt believe what I just saw God!

  13. Yes o sexual molestation is really good not even 4 only d parent in school teacher should also help parent out because what am seeing in d world 2day is very big and I think d world itself is not big compare 2 what we all ar saying that is a small world please let try and teach our children even d bible said it dat if u spare the rod you spoil the child pls and pls lets try and put at least our effort on our children bot boys and girls.

  14. Parents,neighbours,every Adult should protect n watch wot Children r doing weda its ur child or not,its everyones duty 2 secure a sane society.How did dey get d video hope some1 didn’t send dem 2 do dis cos I didn’t c anything Video but it was as if sombdy was videoing dem.May God help us

  15. If u watch de vedio well, u notice de boy wasn’t bin forced dat means der hav bin doin it for wyl ad hav bin watch it from somwer. Dat gel is jst evil sh needs hands to b layd on her. Mothers sud b careful of who coms to deir homes. Dis is realy said

  16. Thise world is cmin 2 an end.

  17. Sure an adult is involved in all of this and the adult was the one that filmed it and shared d video. That adult must be brought to book

  18. God will help us, this is one out of millions of such happening around the world, this calls for us to be alert indeed, am sure that this girl must have learnt this from an older person and now handing it down to this baby, now this baby is no longer 4yrs old technically, he is now a terror to morality, imagine what happens when he is alone with a girl of his age, or what…..oh my God, i pray you help us.

  19. Oh lord ve mercy….

  20. Super Nonsense!!! Which kain rubbish sef?!! d person that took d video should be flogged straight!!, plus d boy, plus d girl, plus all idiotic parents wey no worth to be parents! Nonsense!!

  21. …For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us, Lord, and on the whole world.
    …Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, amen…

    • Who tald u That Jesus the Mary’s son is god? Is a messenger of Allah, foolish person!

      • Dat is on ur own believe so don’t cretize and forcus on wat ur replying cos u muslim seems to love fight

      • nura , reoly to the post and do not cos a religious war here

      • Nura or wateva u call urself why are u calling God’s handwork foolish do u hv sense atall?ur talking like an illitrate why cnt u face wat is facing u and stop cursing smbdy.About d story,infact d girl is an agent of darkness,a daughter of jezebel,she’s being sent to destroy d world,she seriously needs deliverance i think.And 4 u men/women out there,if u knw ur practising Gay or Leisbialisim u better stop it b4 God’s anger fall on u.God love’s u all so is good u love him bck.

      • It only a fool dat’ll quarrel over an issue dat doesn’t concern him! Grow up Mr nura or wat ever ur name is!

  22. Dis word is coming to end.just imagine what is happen now.11 year girl fucking 4 years we’re oooo

  23. Dis is terrible! I am really ashamed! Plz parents should try as much as possible 2 train up their children well and watch their moves. Dnt expose dem 2 adult movies and apply parental control 2 DSTV DECODER @ home.

  24. Whoever is videoing this is d real molester! Him or her is d one telling dis lil kids what to do!I think dts d one d police shd be on d look out 4 followed by d 11yr old of cos!

  25. This not good! Who recorded this should be arrested. God forgive us

    • Why should dey arrest d person dat video dm?… For him to do such, you’ll knw dat d geh haz bin doin it for long… @least, doin such brought d geh’s act to public n 4 peopu 2knw watz rily goin on under dis world.

      • U re right, i guess whoever recovered dis hid himself properly n d sole reason was to expose d acts of these kids. It also serves as an evidence against the kids.

    • I agree the person who submitted this video should be arrested. The children taken into custody and counselled.. Also the link should be taken off this site, as this is child porn and should not be allowed to be downloaded and watched. Reporting the incident is enough to outrage people, Leaving it to be downloaded is just opening up to child molesters. Please remove this I beg you in the name of child protection.

  26. ????????????? really un believible,bt if dis ????????????? real. Then d world has ready ended,cos there ????????????? nuffin else. See . Exposure of children 2 all sort tinz ????????????? very bad…beware!!!!!!!!

  27. This is rubbish! Watch dis video closely u̶̲̥̅̊ will Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ ‎​ dat sm1 is bhiind d camera dat is telling her wat to do a̶̲̥̅nd̶̲̥̅̊ hw to do it! I still find dis hard to bliv. Mayb sm1 hAv bin doing dis to dat geh b4 or………cos she was so high a̶̲̥̅nd̶̲̥̅̊ it shows dat she needed smtin stronger dan d boys own. May God forgv her a̶̲̥̅nd̶̲̥̅̊ lay his precious hand on both of dem a̶̲̥̅nd̶̲̥̅̊ d person who shot dis video cos dis is really bad! dat person shud av @least stop dem both a̶̲̥̅nd̶̲̥̅̊ beat d hell out of dem! May God help us all. Amen!!!

    • As disgusting as this video is, I think the person who recorded it was trying to gather proof to show what the girl was doing. Becos in a case like this, if you shout ‘come and see! come and see oh!’ People will ask what were they doing and that devlish girl could have denied it flat! But the video was a good method to nab the girl. Its obvious the person videoing had caught them before but needed enough proof to nail the girl

      • Thank you very much Sikirat,that’s exactly what I thought,if he catches the girl and flogg and she keeps denying,it might seem as if the person is in sane flogging her for no just cause. This is good proof and an eye opener to parents.

      • Your thoughts are understandable Sikirat but why distribute it online? He/She has just empowered some nutjobs living among us. At least one person outta the 32k viewers (so far) will practice this. The thought of it most likely to happen is even more sickening than this incidence.

        My 15months old boy does every single thing I do, that’s why adults have to be cautious and fully aware that there’s nothing like a child anymore, ” Do your dirt behind closed doors and keep it out completely out of kids’ sight.

      • Your thoughts are understandable Sikirat but why distribute it online? He/She has just empowered some nutjobs living among us. At least one person outta the 32k viewers (so far) will practice this. The thought of it most likely to happen is even more sickening than this incidence.
        My 15months old boy does every single thing I do, that’s why adults have to be cautious and fully aware that there’s nothing like a child anymore, ” Do your dirt behind closed doors and keep it out completely out of kids’ sight.

    • Thanks dear if nt foolishness how did they get to see them. The person who videoed it is the fool in this case

  28. Someone get that sick 11 year old to the closest psychiatric hospital, she needs help!!

    • both children need help. Anyone who has watched this video will also be affected by it, Please remove it

  29. God will punish and judge the person that filmed this, he saw this from the begining instead of stoping it and given  children the beating of their life, he filed the evil act to the end.. That person is evil itself

  30. Our unborn baby will do more::.
    It was like this Back in d days but not this raw:.
    Only God will save us oh!

  31. This world is coming to an end soon.
    There’s need to change people.

  32. Very very bad α̲̅πϑ God will save us

  33. Dis world is cuming 2 an end oh!!

  34. The fool that recorded them must be arrested and hanged without a trial. Cos for him or her to have stomach the ridiculous act and still continue recording them till the end shows he is seriously sick. He or she is the one telling them what to do cos the girl kept looking at a corner. God will judge those who are there during dis act and never do anythin to stop it rather they were busy having fun and recording. The wrath of the Lord will decend on them and they will be reduse to ashes. Amen.

  35. gosh,=dis is 4kshit. i cant believe dat a gal of dis age has been so experienced 2 d extent of tuturing a little kid…its absolutely a big prob dat must b resolved, pls parents dont entrust ur kid 2 anyone, bathe them urself & b a good custodian

  36. This is sad & very sickening. I almost had a similar experience as a kid. The future of our children & nation as a whole hangs on a thread with the level our young ones are being exposed to evil at very tender ages. A child should be protected and properly guarded especially in his or her formative years. God save us all!

  37. Grossly sickening

  38. Guys, stop shouting what has this world turned into and open your eyes. There is a silly and useless adult involved in this act.
    That girl was told what to do. Watch that video again. And I believe it was the same adult that uploaded this to the internet.

    What are we adults turning into? We have been called to lead, guide, direct and teach the younger generation. But, instead we chose to be shepherd that devours the sheep. We chose to turn those we are meant to guide into sheep without shepherd.
    May God have Mercy.

    • u are right ugo that true

  39. 2 bad

  40. This Is a sorry case.

  41. Criosly..jeeezz omg wats happening o..the world is cmin 2 an end rilly..the person recording dis vid cudnt do sumtin or wat?jst stood dere nd let such rubbsh happen?I’m sick 2 my bones rite nau..

  42. Why is everybody acting surprised. Nothing here is new (apart from the ages involved).. 3 out of 5 boys have been sexually molested as a child.. I went through simlar… I know many boys who lost their virginity to Househelps.. This is a regular occurence.. As I type, most of you here who have kids go and investigate, you would be surprised.. Many people here are angry for the wrong reasons.. That girl is a 13yr old.. She may look bad in the video, but she’s also a victim. That girl was a pro.. Many adult females can’t do half the things she did in that video.. What we should be asking is how did a 13yr lose all innocence to the point of this.. Who molested that girl.. She was experinced as there was no naievity or fear in what she did.. She has been doing this before now.. Someone took her innocence and made her that way.. Like I said, I was molested by househelps and relatives.. Why you don’t hear much is because people feel since we are boys, no real damage is done but I’m sorry that’s wrong.. Now that boy has just lost his… By the time he is a teenager, if care is not taken , by 13 he would be FULLY sexualy active and its most likely to be with a minor.. He may even grow to be a pedophile.. Even the female childrean aren’t safe because that girl was raped by an adult most likely.. This has nothing to do with endtimes.. We can’t put a religous twist to every situation.. This is a real, clear, pressent and recurrent occurence.. The message here is be careful with your children.. Guard them jealously.. There are predators all around you.. Not only domestic help… Even relative and close family (even as close as fathers and brothers).. It only takes one incident for a child to lose their innocence

    • This is the best and honest comment so far, you have just won yourself a recharge card courtesy, we will email you. thanks

    • @logic man, uve spoken wisely

    • I like what u have said infact u just said it all people don’t think well befor they talk,see when u tell d mother of that boy or d girl they will not belive it so this is to show 4 it.may God help our kids and watch over them

    • Logically spoken!!

    • God bless u logic

    • Logic Man, well spoken. Everybody is putting accusing fingers and laying blames,they are both Victims of Molestation. Parents please be open with your children,let them feel free to tell you things ask them questions, its every where! Parents beware!!!

    • For sure dis happens for real, to me I feel drs an adult giving those children instruction on what to do under great pressure cos it will take a wicked and foolish adult to see what is happening and then keep quite jst to tk a video clip of them instead of beating d hell out of the girl and alerting people.I kept watching d video D girl always look @ a particular direction before tryin d next position,she then goes out and back also to do something else.probably from the sex predator who tot her wt she knows by abusing her. O my God see how innocent d boy looks,I wept.

    • well said, I agree totally. This girl was not experiementing, she knew exactly what she was doing. This needs to be addressed and the person behind the camera should be dealt with. This young boy will be affected for the rest of his life. As for the young girl she will need lots of help for a very long time.

  43. My God wats dis! Wats d world turning into parents beware of ur maids cos d devil ȋ̝̊̅ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇ roaming about I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ different form seeking for whom τ̲̅ȍ devour. What an innocent mind been corrupt by Ą̸̸̸ devil’s incarnate

  44. It is obvious this girl has been a subject of abuse for a while because i dont understand how an 11 year old knows so much(nauseating). she did not learn this from TV-she has been doing this for a while& btw,who recorded this video? obviously a very psychotic adult who needs to be locked away for life.

  45. I’m speechless,thinking these children knew nothing!this aint their first time n they aint d only ones doing this.

  46. D idiot dat was bizy recordind dem….wat was he/she tinkin.? May God help us all…..sum1 saw dis kids all he/she could do was to pick up a fone to record/video such sarcastic act.

  47. Sexual moral is exhibited 4rm diz country..anybody cut hvin sex wit go 21 jail in prison say by A.k.a Mr finest

  48. Whoever shot the video should be flogged…why didn’t he stop them?

  49. Please,who video this?why didn’t the person stop them?Gosh,this is unbelieveable.A 11yr old and 4yr,this world is really turning into something.Parents pls beware!

  50. Dis is devestating, i can’t still believe dis, she has destoryed dat little baby’s life, May God judge her, damn, i can’t even sleep!!!! What a wicked world!

  51. Very absurd to hear and viewing. This is a terrible occurence and am sure someone is behind this. Most times you find out the course of some of this terrible happenings you will discover that it is the poverty in the entity called nigeria.I mean people living in d most ungodly environment. Look at where the video was taken or shot u will understand what I meant. All the same parent should watch their wards very closely. May God help us.

  52. God 4giv us all….the girl is devilish….and d boy has been doing it…bottomline,the world is coming to an end!!!!!!!!

  53. º°˚ ♍Ɣ God i cant blieve what i jes saw…‎​H̶̲̥̅̊o̲̣̥w̶̲̥̅̊ on earth wud dis little kid be doin dis @dir age..its Ƨ̷̜̩̌̋o̲̣̥ apathetic ..jeez!!!!!!

  54. Who was d person dat took d tym 2 video d kids but coulnt help d little child he stood nd made a video y didn’t he stop it 4rm d begining u are all invovled

  55. I beliv we are very clos 2 end-time.The person rcordin this must b arrestd 4 watchin these kids for gud 5mins doin this rubbish u called a video.

  56. God ve mercy on us….

  57. The society is coming to and end, pls keep a closer eye on ur children, cos no wealth in the world can buy good upbringing

  58. We in d END – TIME,d World is going to an end,amazing things r happening.God pls help us and parent should keep close eyes on their children is very important.Train and Teach them d way of d LORD.God help us all.

  59. First of all,dat girl cnt b 11,she is too corrupt to b 11 n she v bin doin dat wit adults,who probably molested her also wen she was younga,n she has bin molestin dat small boi not just once,so d girl shud call d man dat molested her n both shud b arrested,a girl wit such xposure is no more a small girl so shud b behind bars

  60. This is d most disgusting stuff eva. Its irritating, its sickening and very sad indeed. I watched dis video n all I did was Cry. Ow did dis gal know wat 2 do? Obviously she has an older partner molesting her or she’s been watching wat she shouldn’t be watching, which I doubt. This is just wrong, parents n everyone ve a lot of work to do. We need to be careful wat our children, nieces, nephews , lil cousins watch.who they socialize with, who u leave ur kids with. We need to help dem 2 make our country a beta place. This is d most disGusting video eva, I hope I’ll be able 2 eat 2day.

  61. Wonders shall never end! If u take a close look on this video u will observe that the poor boy is innocent. May hv not done this kind of devilish act before. That girl deserves to be punished. Please let us leave age matter on this cos this seem not to be her first time who knows how many kids she has molested and many she will do in future . Mothers are scared of male househelp and now female househelp seems to be worst. May God save us from evil.

  62. D person dat posted dis stuff is such a horrible human being, if he/she is not part of dis evil, y didn’t he/she stop them when he/she caught them in d act. Its still d same person dat taught them wat to do. I can’t believe a sane person can do dis. May God have mercy on their soul.

    • U just spoke my mind! The person that recorded this video is the paedophile, he’s probably been abusing the girl. I couldn’t watch the video, the first few seconds were disgusting enough!

  63. Dis world is coming to an end

    • am so moved 2 tears wif dis video. its really obvious dt dis was staged by d person covering them. he/she was telling d girl wat 2 do. ofcourse d girl has bn doing it b4 n very likely with d person covering them. pple r so evil minded. the end has finally come! 0h Lord have mercy on us. this is devilish!

  64. Is 2 disheartening 2 see such things still happening in our society.God will save us.

  65. This Children were forced to do this,it is so obvious that the person video taping the incidence was giving directions to the girl.Very Very Unfair…

  66. Dis is so mad

  67. Na wa oooo

  68. God,wht is dis earth turnin 2,imagine a 4 yr old boy.All parent shld take proper care of dere children,bcos of 2mrw

  69. I give myself a way 4 god 2 use me 4 his glory

  70. This is so pathetic!!!! But it is worse off for the idiots that stood there watching this kids doing this and taking pleasure in making a video of it. It is obvious that the girl is aware that the whole act is being filmed. It is a sad thing but God will just have to help us in the world!!!!

  71. Too too bad, God save this generation of ours.

  72. Omg! Dis is pornography in its highest form! Where did she gett to know all of this? At age 11..I’m so dumbfounded.even adults who can’t Watch porn shld nt even try it thinking they are children. Ah May God have mercy!

  73. From wat i see in dat video, it seems the duo av been in the act for quite sum time now cos dey do it very well and dey r good in it. It’s so alarming the way kids dese days av turned out. Parents shud rly be on the watch. It’s end time so we r bound to see all sort of tins but may God help us to teach our children right. I wud av said the girl shud be dealt wit but who knws if she was also molested by anyone or even the father of the 4yr old child. This world is going crazy.

  74. Dealt with?? Isn’t it obvious to u guys dat she can tell dat she is been watched?? She kept on looking at the camera. It is more of the case of her been staged! It think it d most disgusting thing. If anything the little boy and her are the victims while the idiot with the camera dats obviously into child pornograghy should be dealt with properly..

  75. We parent have Ω̴̩̩̩̥ lot of work 2 do concerning our children. Parents, let ur children be actively involved in church programs n educate them abt sex. Don’t just keep quiet n be watching. Tell them what they need 2 knw. Make sure U̶̲̥̅̊ limit de kinds of friends they keep. If U̶̲̥̅̊ hv all gals like M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣ , prevent boys frm staying long wit them n don’t allow hide n seek bcos dat’s where it started. Parents be wise. De devil will not use our God given gift 2 torment us. Cheers

  76. This is horrible, I can’t believe my eyes. Our God is really a patient God. My advice here is to all mothers out there. Pls mothers should take time to trai their children thru the right path,to have fear of God in them and also to monitor their children every now and then. May God help us in this country of ours Amen.

  77. This is totally rubbish,i think parent should look after their kids and they should stop watching porn movie

  78. This so unbelivable and disgusting,I was shocked when I saw the video.parents should keep an eye on their children sexual molestation is real.the 11year old should be purnished.

  79. This is totally outrageous,I can’t believe wat ds world is turning into

  80. Everyone’s talking about the girl, what about da person who recorded the act? Why didn’t he stop them? What was his motive for recording it in the first place? Did he stage it? Is he da one who groomed da girl and showed her da tricks? Or was he shouting instructions 2 her in da background? In Europe, a lot of sick people pay loads of money to watch such dastardly acts. I advise more attention should be paid to the person who recorded the show as per his motive.

  81. Dis r all signs of end tym & nothing more

  82. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.Allahumma ajirni fii masibatin wa kalifni khairan minha

    • Where is ur source? Must u use warri to decieve people? Same story n video in n its title ghanian girl. U guys should wake up n stop tarnishin ur image.
      This is a delibrate recordin. The girl eye movement said it al. The adult filmin told them what to do n put them in that act. PLZ ITS NOT ON WARRI DO UR RESEARCH WELL N UPDATE UR BLOG.Best of luck.

  83. N

  84. Haaaaaaaaaa I don’t think ds video clip s real.let’s all assume t s not pls.t can’t be.God forbid.f ts real dt means d world w soon com t an end

  85. Its gross, d person who took d video, shld also be held. Is d person suppose to b doing tis or suppose to stop d act and report. Also d 11yr od girl keep looking towards d camera, so .. Gosh nothing more 2 say its sickening and annoying

  86. The end is just too real for us to now understand, all parents shld be watchful of their kids and Hse help . Its unfortunate tht it is happening in Nigeria Is a world Alert take note.

  87. The person that did d video coverage is a fool. Why will u see such n instead of stopping it u videoed it n posted it. Aren’t u ashamed of urself watching it u should ask urself btw u n the children who is more foolish.

  88. This is total nonsense,d gal shud be dealt with severly.may God help nigeria

  89. And where do u suppose they learnt all these? Irresposible adults are responsible for these. these days children are allowed to watch all sort of videos without censoring from elders. The sAme issue is caused by the community when the youth are Allowed to flirt in public without discretion.

  90. My eyes ve seen my ears!!!! Lord pls ve mercy on us!! Parents and every one, pls look out!! This is so sick!!! Obviously. Its not d first time, those kids r professionals!

  91. Too bad ar sure they are doing it 4 the first time? They must hv been suspected before whoever captured it targeted them and 4 the girl, she mush have been having sex years back with older guys cos its obvious she’s not a virgin, pple that molested her are to be blamed. Another cause of this is poverty and parent’s carelessness. MY GOD that’s too bad

  92. Subhanallah! What is this world turning into? Oh Allah protect and guide our children to the right path.

  93. kids are like bank,if you save money in the bank when you need money you go to the bank and wthdraw what you have saved.if you instill good things in your children they will show those things that you have put in them,if you raise them like you dont care,they will come up with result like we are seeing.things worse than what the 11 and 4year old are doing.

  94. Whoever is orchestrating dis sick idea has totally lost it…#GodiswatchingU

  95. Perverts are behiñd this

  96. I think this video is so so wrong & we shouldn’t be looking @ d kids act but who d hell is holding d camera.? I blame u, becuz d first thing that happened 2 me @ watching this evil video was 2 throw up but u stood there & recorded it with out fear of God or even scream @ d bigger girl 2 stop. Guy are u sure u don’t have anything 2 do with this? The 11years old was acting like an Adult film a mother of 2 right now am praying 4 all mothers God help us.

  97. dis is disguistin…God av mercy

  98. wat da fuk is our society turning into, easy access to pornography may have lead to this, children or anybody can gain access to pornography and for dat little girl she most have learnt the act by watching such. and who eva must have taken video did allow such to happen y? should have stopped it. any way parent should keep an eye on their children.

  99. This sick! Sad! A whole future truncated. May God have mercy on this generation.

  100. Ω̴̩̩̩̥ frnd of mine, grown now, during our service year told us same story, hw Ω̴̩̩̩̥ lady in thr compd molested him for yrs n τ̲̅ȍ him, it was pure fun n enjoyment…..pple like her aboud everywhere. Dis has τ̲̅ȍ stop, parents Ћάvέ τ̲̅ȍ watch out 4 thr kids n knw wat D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ do wen D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ alone. Som1 Ȋ̝̊̅§ behind ϑ video too…absolute madness

  101. This is sickening and very sad. But from what I see in dis video,the 11yr old girl must have been molested too to be able to know how sex is carried out. And that looks like a public bathroom probably she was meant to bathe the boy befor she started doing d dirty dirty wit him. I said she hz been molested bc her breasts look like a man hz been suckin d life out of those and she even knows bout blow job and doggy style *smh*! There is another full grown Man behind all this that is if its not even d person wit d video camera or the father of d boy that is sleeping wit that girl. Things re really happenin nd I wud advise mothers to put CCTV in their homes esp we’re there re plenty of house boys n girls, Ʊ wil be amazed at wot Ʊ see hapunin behind ur backs,from the man of the house to d house helps and how they sPoil yur kids. May God help us in dz world cz it hapunz err where.

  102. Oh my God disgusting …..wat is dis world turning in 2 we all ve a lot 2 answer 2 our lord on d day of judgement

  103. I still wonder how those children, how they learnt what some old people haven’t in this world think of. No wonder that some have cursed from the womb…. The children need deliverance if really they are human beings…

  104. Most people commenting here are obviously naïve or ridiculously ignorant. Those two children are victims, that girl was constantly looking at d perverts videoing them. Isn’t it obvious that they were forced to do that??? That poor girl has most likely been molested by the people who recorded that. Those children are victim of child trafficking. My heart bleeds for them..that is forced child pornography!!! No sane adult will honestly catch CHILDREN in such a posin and start videoing them!!!! The people responsible for recording this should be found, and tried as child molesters…

    • God bless u for ur comment. Really dnt understand y dis pple can’t c d obvious fact here. The girl was takin instructions on wat 2 do from d pervert wu is also d cameraman. Obviously he had performed all d dastardly act you can thnk of wit dis girl n d nxt thng he tot of is 2 film r having sex with a baby. Only a crazy man/ pervert can stand n watch without stopping them n beating d hell out of them. One stupid guy praised d lil boy 4 bn smart n taking after his father in his comment, can u imagine! Dis whole fin is jst sickening!!!

  105. The person who recorded it and loaded it should be jailed> same as seeing a child being killed and you just watch it> big shame. May the Lord forgive us all and keep out children safe and pure at heart….

  106. Wonders shall never end, dis kind of video shouldn’t b shown to chidren to see and even d public

  107. I can’t believe what am watching! Can we have children with all these going on? And for those who already have may the Almighty God protect and guide them

  108. OMG! In dis modern world? she should be taken to juvenile for child molestation. Who can one trust with her child if not an 11 year old female child. God help us…

  109. I don kw wat d persn behind dis nonsense stands 2 achieve, itz obvious an adult is behind dis, we can’t b fooled, d persn vidieoing is also d persn directin thse innocent kids on wat to do nd most lykly dey’ve been practicing dis terrible act b4 nw.
    If we’ve been observant, we’ll notice dat d girl wz takin instructn 4rm smwhr, dis adult shld b looked 4 nd b arrested b4 he/her causes more harm.

  110. God, after watchin dis vd I can’t think straight again.y on earth will dis gal do dis 2 a small boy.mayb 1 adult has had sex with her and she enjoyed it cos 2 me she know all d sex move in d world.I am just sori 4 d small boy who just tot dat d stupid gal was 2 help him take his bath.God pls don’t make my children go thru dis in jesus name.amen

  111. And hu was d idiot recording ds video???hw r we nt sure dt dese kids were forced to do dis??u knw our Nigerian Adults can be craxy..its rily pathetic

  112. Innalillahi wa Inna illaihiraji,un may God protect our kids all

  113. Dis is totally distgusting, d parents or guardian should b blamed for this cos ds act ws watched severally b4 being put to practice by doz young world. Am 30 buh never did wat dis 4years did here. God! And who is d camera man???

  114. Dis is absolutely nonsense

  115. Who eva took this video shuld be dealt wit severely together with the girl. Hw cn sm1 be @ peace taking such a video without rescuing that innocent baby.
    Are u sure d prsn who took this did nt put them up to it.
    God help us.

  116. I cn’t believed ds!ds animal deserved a place in zoo!she does nt belong to our society!.o my God! short of words!my head is spining!digustn!abomination!..feels lyk choking her to dead!wht is going on in our society?!……A’aaaaa!

  117. ⌣̊┈̥-̶̯͡»̶̥A̶̲̥̅♏ speechless.dis world ȋ̝̊̅ڪ turning into sometin else.its d sign of end time.pple let’s beware

  118. Some One have to Help the kids now and Fast,it’s beyond Imagination

  119. As i watchd ds video again while i regaind my sense!who is d person dt records ds video?y he dd nt stop dem,bt continued recordn dem in d act?.d person hd a sinister motive behind ds video!may God punishd him too!he supposed to scold dem,nt record dem,nd uploads it on line!stupid person he is!

  120. Hmm… Strange but truth. May God help us out o

  121. Dis are the signs of end time.may God help our young ones.

  122. Well am nt suprise,d world will soon come to an end

  123. so its true. we d parents have to b careful and watchful. don’t leave everything for ur househelp or sister or brother to bath ur kids please. take d responsibility of bathing ur kids urself cos dats what i do everyday b4 going to work. i bath my kids myself n wear them clothes b4 going to work, especially mothers don’t let ur work ruin ur household please

  124. God have mercy!!!

  125. For every warri nor dey carry last. Lol.

  126. This is embarrassing. God please help us in dis country. Open our eyes so dat we can see. u. Jesus is coming very soon. Pls let us be ready so dat He can take us home. Accept Him as ur personal savior n repent frm all ur sins n God will cleans u.

  127. Dis is hilarious its crazy, God has rili seen enuf of our shit i guess dis Į̸̸̨Ƨ̷ not d first time they are doing dis cos d boy Į̸̸̨Ƨ̷ familiar wit every PARENTS nd SIBLINGS as well as FAMILY members please let’s pay attention to our minors

  128. I want to believe this act was supervised by God knows who. Watch the girl and the direction of her quick glances. You may have another thinking coming. I also believe that the girl must have been abused by someone very older and out there. In the final analysis, I sincerely believe our generation has misplaced morality.

  129. Terribly unfortunate but it would appear that this is now a common occurence and so parents must now accept the reality of it and then prioratise their parental responsibilty above business or jobs. Let’s put the overall welfare of our children first.

  130. D truth about dis is dat dis children have been doing dis and wen the person dat recorded dis report d parent will take it as an allegation against there children so d person needed enough prove to show d parents so u guyz should not blame d person dat recorded dis

  131. i download it but no software can play it on my system

  132. As disgusting as this video is, I think the person who recorded it was trying to gather proof to show what the girl was doing. Becos in a case like this, if you shout ‘come and see! come and see oh!’ People will ask what were they doing and that devlish girl could have denied it flat! But the video was a good method to nab the girl. Its obvious the person videoing had caught them before but needed enough proof to nail the girl

  133. Pls ve we ever tot of »̶̥†̥ђε̲̣̣ about »̶̥†̥ђε̲̣̣ person standing der watching dem do D̶̲̥̅̊A̶̲̥̅τ̲̅ gross thing and even directing dem on wat τ̲̅ȍ do. Indeed May God ve mercy on whoever it is.

  134. May God have mercy on us!!! Dis Is also a lesson to our and our parents to be

  135. Logic man is kinda rite tho..the gal has obviously been molested herslf or raped or exposed 2 this kinda tin..cos hw in the world cud she av known all this tins..I tink it goes round nd round in circles sometimes..she was molested,she’s molesting a 4 yrs old..dat 4 yrs old wud likely molest wen he’s much younger..but sometimes it doesn’t neccessarily end up dat way.the victim may eventually bcome over sexually active nd promiscuos..but wat I can’t fathom rilly is y a person wud stand nd video this act instead ov intervening..but all in all its God dat wud help us tho..cos this is extremely sickening

  136. I weep for mothers who are careless with d upbringing of theirchildren. May God help us. Mothers beware

  137. I’m amazed that just a few ppl have noticed that a pervert was secretly filming them, he wasn’t teaching them what to do, that is so obvious. He or she who filmed them is the main person to blame for all this sh*t cos the kids should have been stopped. Its not molestation, its stupidity, ignorance and the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I saw a glimpse of this a few days ago, and if I feel this way after watching it for about 6seconds, I can imagine what is going thru the minds of mothers who saw it for the full session. Its just sickening and sad, and these things have been going on for centuries, and a stop has to be put to it. Its not just now and people need to realise that and not pretend that it is new. What of those perverts who marry little girls. Obviously these two unfortunate children have been doing this for so long, its not a first. I really hope the person who secretly filmed them is caught and brought to justice *angryface*

  138. the end times really are here; if an 11 yearold would exhibit such traits and level of aggression’ parents need be very careful as we are in God’s hand.

  139. Wat I dnt understand is who was recording this disgusting act? Dat person must hv bn d 1 dat put this kids up to this,he shuld go to jail

  140. So disgusting, mothers! We really have to be careful and vigilant oh!

  141. No commentz

    • D gal was looking in d direction of d video only cos she was being careful of nt being caught…cos at d end of d video,i guess she heard sounds and fear was written all over her face has she got up abruptly to chk if smone was was obvious she has been doin dis for a while wit d kid.Whoeva said they were forced to do dis didn’t watch d video well,cos d gal was obviously having fun and nided smfin bigger than dt of d kid..sure she’s been molested regularly by an adult.I know of a 4yr old gal dt has frequently been molested by her dad,d dad unnfortunately died and noone knew she was sexually active until she was caught wit an 18yrs old guy in d area.Most tyms broken homes cause a lot of havoc in d lives of children.Let’s jst kip praying for children and d world at large.

  142. This is a shame, our society is failing and people want to blame the west. That house is face me I face u, that means d gal learnt what she’s doing in that neighborhood. Kids do what they see and am sure in that neighborhood someone must have touched that galmwe need to get our values back.

  143. How cud ppl allow this to happen it is sick an I dnt undastand how the ppl filmin this is allowing this sort ov behaviour I ave a 4yr old an if I see that I wud be goin to prison it is sick I cudnt even watch the first 10sec ov it

  144. A̶̲̥̅♏ short f wordz. May God in his infinate mercy guide us ol 2 d ryt path. And nt 2 d path f dos whom he has cursed.

    • I wonder who did d vedeo bcos d person would’ve stopped d girl from having sex with d child, rather he/she prefared 2 video d devish scene. God will help us

  145. So disguisting,truely d world has come to an end.

  146. Its ol signs of end of time,d world is coming 2 an end,God Almighty is showin us d signs e.g d baby born wit a Quran.but wat do we do instead of adjustin en b prayerful 2 God bt no ol we do is turn 2 a deaf ears,hmmmm Subhanna

  147. Hmmm!!! am short of words , dont even know what to say, i can’t imangine this could hapen under this world . Terible

  148. It is well

  149. dis is completely ridiculous, honestly i feel crying. May God have mercy on us.

  150. This is disgusting, how would people in their mare frame of mind do a thing like dis??? It so sad and this video should not even be shared on line… An abominable sight to behold. Pls this video should be taking off the internet. And u might not blame House helps to this alone but the new media as well cos with a small fone that has internet connectivity a child can xplore what ever site he or she want… Life is unfair tho but we also should watch our young ones closely

  151. Is dis shit 4real,how cud dis be,can u imagine anyfin more irritating dan dis…..yaaaaaakkkkkkkkk,WTF,and to d person who video_ed dis,i must say u ve gt balls to watch dis tormenting view,i was in d middle of a meal,n u won’t believe i threw up. Just looking @d girl,u cud see d demonstration of a clearly hungered witch,.SMFH,may GOD save us al,cuz strange things re happening,n too d fool dat found dis funny,ur an example cuz only like minds find dis amuzing….

  152. Wat an education for us all

  153. the cameraman should be jailed for allowing such to happen while he captures the event

  154. When we parents are more concerned about the economy than the welfare of our families this is exactly what we get. Parents look inward, mothers are we just baby factories or we positive changers of our family, society and the world @large?

  155. Wao this aint good at all, but let’s look at the situation critically, the whole act shows that its either this is not d first time these kids are doing this or somebody somewhere is behind d entire thing, the girl showed experience, the boy never hesitated, which means he is either acting on instructions or he has done it b4 with the same girl and mind u they could be related which makes him relaxed at the whole thing. Now the filmer may have caught them b4 in this act and wanted 2 prove it to d pple around dat he had seen them b4 now or he orchestrated the whole thing and if so he must have been molesting those kids. He could be a bi-sexual sleeping with both kids or even worse a psychotic person that could be suffering from multiple personality disorder. So there is so much to it than meets the eye, cos a lot of us have been victims of similar acts, we must pray n watch our kids closely.

  156. ♍Ɣ Ǧ☺̩̩̥D̶̲̥̅̊ help us all

  157. May God Have Mercy ONUS

  158. Dis is Just………………………May God Help Us All…..But seriously,hw can a 4yr old boi av an erection like dat……

  159. Dis is so disgusting pls parents watch ur kids and hw dey move arround with house helps and uncles. Oh God pls save us from d evil of dis world ameen

  160. This is sad indeed. However, who stood watching n recording this film without giving d stupid girl a serious whooping? It’s a bigger shame on whoever filmed this. This is what is affecting this country, we stand n watch will things continue to decay. Please whoever knows d little boy should help send him for rehabilitation.

  161. This is a serious problem! What is the community turnin in to ?

  162. parent shld always b at alert on what there children watch, nd stop having sex in front of d kid, cos they re move wit what they c. GOD help us.

  163. Whoever took the video is so sick.How can you watch this and not stop this immediatly?What is the person trying to prove?Let’s be honest,will you watch a child commit suicide αи∂ video just to prove to the world that it exists?.I am not support of the act,obviously the kids must have watched and now practicing what they saw on tv or wherever they got that from.

  164. OMG!A child molesting a child!dis is just a rehearsal of wat dey’ve watched!parents shld show more attentn to their kids……

  165. I am still dazed omg. The girl most have been molested by an older guy cos, she’s such a pro @ it. And whoever is recording the scene should be questioned. I could tell that the girl kept on looking @ the direction of where the camera is, that small girl simply needs help!!!!!! I have a younger brother I can’t imagine this happening to him. Parents, guardians pls keep tabs on your children don’t trust any1 to take care of them while u are forming unnecessary busy schedules. God help us all.

  166. OMG! Jeeze! Wah? Eh? Asin? Dnt knw hw 2 xpress dis…but I fill lyk kilin dat gel, she is evil n posesd, she shld b taken 4 deliverance cos she nids salvation… N whoeva is videoin ds shld beta b questioned cos its also suspicious… I fully stand against molestation cos hv a similar past 2 dis… #sobs# God help dis world!!!

  167. Nahhhhhhhhhh,dz z too bad! Does it mean we adults don’t hav secrets anymur

  168. Its even better it was a fellow child …
    Not an adult ..
    Look on the bright side , you all did mummy & daddy but not on camera

  169. it not a suprise bcoz so many bullshit has been happening like 40years old man having sexual intercourse with 9years old girl may God just take control

  170. Dis gal might get HIV and infect other children,JESUS HELP

  171. The person that recorded the video is a bastard

  172. im still in shock! so this evil hapnd in my state? gawwd dat gal nids to b killed despite her age….God help us all

  173. Wonder shall never o,well is d new generation nd children are now doing wat u feel dey can’t do. What a modern world

  174. Hmmm God let thy kingdom come. This world is going to an end

  175. Wonder shall never end, is d new generation children do wat u think dey can do at their age.such is dis real

  176. This is rili bad, bt if we luk at it well, its like D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ actuallly told dis kids 2 do dis cs its so obvious. The girl is lukin at the person recording it. Let’s apply wisdom here and watch well b4 concluding pls.

  177. Uwa……….hmmmmmmmmm na S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ na, it ȋ̝̊̅ƨ̣̇ also written Ȋ̝̊̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥ Τ̲̅ђe holy bible,S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ A̶̲̥̅♏ Ω̴̩̩̩̥Øτ̲̅ suprise

  178. The person that made this video is not ok why wud he watch this kids do this without scolding them.

  179. Evribody is buzy commenting blindlezzly witout even ask wu iz behind all diz.Stop laying blamez on d kidz nd blame d modafuckaz wu took out time out of deir free schedule 2 video diz trash….How did dey know d age of d kidz…Trust me diz person has bin doing diz 2 diz kidz 4 a while now nd decided 2 just make a video of it diz time…..If I am 2 blame I’ll blame but d person wu iz behind diz all d person doing diz promotion online…Now imagine d parentz of diz kidz seeing diz trash,it could make dem emotionally distressed nd could even cause a cardiac arrest..We shud lay all d blamez on dose poor kidz wu 2 my own point of view re just bin blackmailed may be 2 make money……Plz parentz be kiaful cuz ur enemiez re just waiting 4 u 2 take a short nap 2 do deir devilish desirez…..I pray GOD 4givez doze kidz 4 dey no not wat dey do…..Tanx nd JAH blezz

  180. O mine!! Dis wrld is bcoming smtin else,I fear 4d generation 2com…..*sobs*

  181. It is really bad , but come to think of it, u did d filming? Am sure it was an adult,that was too much he/she should have stop d act instead of recording this much. I hope it was not set up?

  182. From God we came nd 2 him we shall return.

  183. Well,whether the world’s coming to an end or not, this obviously throws more light to the sickness deep in the society. The annoying thing is we are just gonna make noise about it and not actually do something real. This is happening everywhere,pornography is the order of the day. As a kid,I was molested by a close relative,and when I tried to report, I got scolded and beaten on top. That’s a typical example of the rot we are in. Everyone, please, pay extra attention to kids around you, stop covering up what’s wrong. Encourage kids to speak up and please stop being careless about the porn materials we have. Obviously, the 11yr old was practicing what she’s seen,and whoever was filming them too. May God have mercy on us all.

  184. My Dear people. This kids need counselling as much as you and I do. They have done what you and I do daily. No one ever said the one u do is fine. Before we all call God and Allah, let us all look @ our hearts  ask if we are any beta. We  older ones put them 2 dis. Am sure u all watch  videos of Nicki Minaj  co shakin bare asses. I guess that  is  since they are adults. If d trumpet sounds, those kids won’t be judged. You  I will be judged cos we put them up to this with our  videos  media. Do not pity them, pity yourself  pray 4 yourselves as I have done for myself. Some of u support Gay marriage yet u sigh @ this. Funny how we have logs upon logs of wood in our eyes yet we want to remove broomstick from  eyes of these kids. We have already condemned them. Some have even said they shud b flogged  seriously beaten. I actually don’t  anyone molesting anyone there. They both like what they are doing. This is our handwork  we shud all face  consequences of our actions. As for  kids, may God touch their hearts so № man  this earth is good enof to tell them to stop wat they are doing cos we all do it daily in different ways.

  185. I want to ask if they brother and sister,it an abormination for them,that boy is just too small for such act.parent watch ur children closely.

  186. Why would somebody stand to watch and even take a video without reprimanding the children…

  187. Hmm, Ayeraye maje nki jebi laye lorun lori awon omo mi IJN.

  188. Wot a big shame.may God kip protecting our young once.amen

  189. Why would somebody stand to watch and even make a video out of it without repimanding the children… This is totally disgusting

  190. Why is it always warri that bad things happens? Or the name dey totori una? Anyway as bad as this is, I would not blame these misguided children cos they are the product of a poverty infested environment where sexual morality is at its lowest ebb and they especially the girl must have seen the act and decided to experiment. I feel sad . Even the little boy look lost and was only being teleguided by nature especially his ‘erection’. I think this video should be removed, it is a crime against the innocent boy.

  191. This is ridiculous,its utterly disgusting.dear Lord pls Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡
    us through this evil age.just don’t know what to say………if I had my way I for beat yeye comot from that stupid girl body then teach her a vital lesson in the use of pepper…….choi nawa o wetin I no go Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡
    for this life.anybody who feels this is funny should have his/her brain checked.

  192. I cried when I saw this video, cried for the parents of the kids and for Nigeria… Its sickening and disgusting and I wished I didn’t see the video. The world is finally coming to an end

  193. Dis is evil in d highest order. God hv mercy.

  194. OMG!!! this cant be happening…. am so astonished by the view of this , i cant believe this is for real.

  195. May God help and deliver us all

  196. Wdf !!!! Omg!!!! See s***t…. Who d demon į̸̸̨§ dat girl huh ?? I fell like crushing dat bitch to dust , I cast a spell on who ever videod this. Go yee east , west , south n north fraustration į̸̸̨§ ur meal forever till u dust in hell ….. Satanist !

  197. The idiot that recorded it z d initiator of dis whole act and the person shuld be checked

  198. Its so disheartening to see such but I tell you, dis is jst bcos we can c a video of it!
    How many of dis do we knw happen daily,
    How many children do we knw have lost deir innocene to stupid, crazy, retarded adults who has no sense of morality!
    I know a very gud frend who has been molested since 7 by her close relative, an uncle and her father! How many of us knows that!
    I know also of a frend who has been introduced to sex since 7 by a big anty dat lives in his compound and dat he does everyday until he was 19!
    The Big question is: where is the Child Right Group? Where are the Human right activists, where r the religious leaders, what are the elders turning into? Demons I guess!
    The Girl is question with all she did will fit well in a pornomovie with international standards. Where did she learn dat from! Prolly she’s bin molested also by a retarded adult and in turn carerying out what she had been taught and exposed to!
    Now come to the crew who filmed the whole show and also uploaded online, woe betide whoever is behind this! Good he has seen dem and was able to film! He shuda stopped wen he had a lil prove and come out to beat them to correction, he cuda showed the video to their parents to alert dem and also make dem b on d watch for their wards but sharing the picture is devilish, inhuman and crazy! He shud be brot to book!

  199. D solution to a girl like dis is not rly beating cos it will be worse as she seemed skilled,its either deliverance or she shud be shot to for mi if her father I will gun her down#gbam

  200. Ewww

  201. Its not a new thing under †ђξ sun ‎​​ãήϑ its not just happening today so wats †ђξ fuss all bout ‎​​ãήϑ this talk ҉ƒ endtime rubbish,a♏ sure Ȋt also happened τ̅☺ someone 50yrs ago so why hasn’t †ђξ world come τ̅☺ an end,Ʊ people should spare ♍ε †ђξ drama.any reasonable parent shud alrdy know D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲y re supposed τ̅☺ watch dere kids ‎​​ãήϑ blah blah blah,Ȋt happens everyday so why †ђξ exclaimation ‎​​ãήϑ pretense.abegi

  202. Baba God plz 4give us oo wat is dis plz

  203. The tape was covered by an adult cos it was done by a no novice. If am asked I will say am happy is every where and parent have and idea of what could happen in their absence. This is an avenue for sex education by parents, most people have same experience but it has never been told. Am a sociologist I don’t blame the societal ill but I put more fault to who covered the tape that long without putting a stop to the ill . May Allah help us all

  204. Oh Allah,protect us and our generation!

  205. I’m grieved

    • This is really sad and disheartening imagine children of that age having sex they ought to be learning their A,B,C. The culprit that recorded this must be fished out nd dealt with severely under the law and the children should be taken for therapy because this is too much for them to handle..God help us all. God help Nigeria. God bless Nigeria

  206. I still can’t fathom,cudnt d person who stood to video this,act otherwise? Like beat d kids or call someone else to intervene and stop the act? Dis is really crazy… It calls for sober reflection!!! See our leaders of moro wallow in iniquity… We pray 4 Gods grace on our land

  207. Dis world is cummin 2 an end

  208. Not to promote chıld pornography then what are u promotıng?an adult ıs behınd thıs.Who vıdeo thıs?Why can’t the person stop the act?Why the broadcast?

  209. Not to promote chıld’s pornography then what are u doıng?An adult ıs behınd thıs.Who vıdeo ıt?Why the vıdeo ınstead of stopıng them?Why the broadcast?Nonesence!

  210. Na bad ting o

  211. This video is a child pornography d kids r even looking at d camera.If this video is against child molestation.

    This video should not be on d Internet to be downloaded or even watched it should be sent to the appropriate authority.

    Parents are very aware of these things and every reasonable one protects their child

    Children of this age are able to go to d Internet and when they see this video it ll only promote and even prompt d innocent children to start thinking and even having sex.

    iblazetv news or what ever should be sued first of all for promoting child sex. Cuz it has come to destroy the lives of more children by putting this on the internet sayin its against child molestation.What nonsenses. Rubbish!

    This is so saddening and upsetting.

  212. This is too bad for our younger generation

  213. I’m sure there was an adult behind this ugly Ãήϑ obscene act, All hands should be on deck cos the rate of Moral decadence in our society is so alarming, i pray for Gods touch on this young ones, buh dt adult would be Judged by the Almighty. PERIOD!!!

  214. This is not funny at all, I most tell who ever is involved, that its a delibrate act, the girl, video man and others not practicaly active are awear of the SIN, its an act to spoil black bodies nigeria to be precise but God will never allow you guy up, down, down down shall be your potion everly…

  215. If only both of them know what sex is all about.

  216. People wicked after the wicked man disvirgin this small girl e come de use her de spoil small children even come make video of one young boy go give him wife and his 12years old daughter belle de same month he go live to see this happen to himself

  217. The logical question is: who recorded those kids on the video while they were performing the said act? And I don’t think it was the kids that put themselves on the said video while doing the act at the same time. Let us look for probable accomplice(s) first please. And I don’t see any reason why the young girl in this matter should be attacked viciously by some commentators on this tread. They were simply gullible in their outburts towards the young girl. This girl is a minor, who cannot make any informed decision in all senses. And I have a strong conviction that the girl must have been exposed to such by adults. Who knows if the said act and the video shot were masterminded by some gullible and mischievous adults? Let us find out why and how this incidence happened before we draw conclusions.

  218. This is absurd what is this world turning toooo. Oga ooooo

  219. This is sick. By sharing this video you are not trying to stop child abuse, you are distributing child pornography. How will showing this to others make it’ stop? it wont. By sharing this with others, you are exploiting both
    Children even more. I suggest you Remove it.

  220. This is un called for

  221. Gosh what on earth is this world turning into? This world is coming to an endooooo.

  222. Dis is really messed up,ppl should really pay special attention to their kids,maids and neighbours!!!!

  223. Parents shld use dis as d lesson. Watch who ur kids interact wt, programs dey watch. My kids don’t sleep 2geda. Dey don’t play in d room or read and close d door. I don’t allow dem get familiar wt relatives or neighbors. I made dem understand frm an early age deir body parts and why dey shld not touch demselves or allow anybody touch dem. I made my girl knw wat is cervical cancer and wat it can do 2 her life. Kids are being molested everyday and dey in turn molest deir friends. We need to explain to our kids deir bodies and d need 4 dem 2 be careful, not just cos of God, but also 4 deir health and sanity. Parents keep praying 4 ur kids, we live in a wicked world. May God help us.

  224. Its reallys sad,but I pray to Almighty Allah to make us see who ever responsible being brought to justice.

  225. That young girl should be caught n beaten seriously if possible almost to death point n that 4yr old boy should be taken to a rehab immediately cos his brained has been messed with.

  226. Oh my God! I didn’t believe dis until I saw d video. It’s so obvious dat dis kids hv seen pornographic videos. D 11yr old gurl sexually hungry @dat age? Tears jst ran out of my eyes.

  227. I am dumb founded!

  228. OMG! Sickening..pray for the souls of these young ones. They’ve lost their innocense, they are lost. Pray for them and for all the other children all over the world.

  229. Aint seen the video but the idea is absurd. Why did an adult record this instead of calling the act off? Torry don baje for this world.

  230. May God in heaven help our nowadays parent to train their children in the way and manna of God so dat their day may bi fruitful.when a parent has d fear of God in them the children also have it so pls teach them the good way of live.

  231. Dis bullshit, you shouldn’t have made dis video would have bin beta it was only playable not downloadable. Do you know what this is going to do to the molester and the molested, it can ruin there just put anything you like online, for the sake of your site to recognized or published…this is bullshit, I hate this

  232. Sorry to say o. Bt how did pple get the video if ds is real? Y wait nd video her sleepin wit d boy when it can b stopped? Pls pple should beware so as nt to become rumour mongers. But not sayin it doesn’t happen tho cos it does.

  233. Hmmmmmmm! This Ȋ̝̊̅§ serious i can’t beleave нατ̲̅ i J̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊t̲̥̅̊ saw ahhhhhhhhh, but i Suspect ɑ̤̥̈̊ folw play there, who’s that peson covering them Н̣̣̣̝̇̇̇ø̲̣̣̥w̶̲̥̅̊ come there did not knw that they been covered? May ǦØD̶̲̥̅̊ help us A̶̲̥̅̊ℓℓ, that gurl Ȋ̝̊̅§ been Processed she need Deliverance that’s A̶̲̥̅̊ℓℓ i av †Φ say.

  234. Am speechless, seriously!

  235. Nigeria is the only country inthe world whose citizens are darn so unpatriotic…they believe in d worst of the country…they beiiev nothing good can come out of the country….what makes you guys think d video originated from nigeria? It could have come from any other African countries….I bet someone found d video on d internet and put a story around it… But my issue is why shld pple just assume its from Nigeria…why not Ghana, Togo…Haiti etc….d way u guys portray yur Country is d way d international community wil view it…That video did not happen in Nigeria….

    • This is really very bad,whether it’s in nigeria or elsewhere the fact is that it’s real. This can happen any where in the world. It shows the extent to which children have been exposed to negative sexual tendencies.Certainly that little girl must have been sexualyl assaulted severally,besides I learnt that iyara is a not-too-clean and organised settlement suburb in warri.So the probability that many of such kids maybe involved in such daring acts is very high,giving the fact that they llive in an abandoned and wild community.All stake holders-parents,schools,churches,mosques,communities,NGOs,government agencies,states and federal governments and other social organisations must be alive and proactive in seeking for workable solutions to this monster.Also enough of the stupid sexually explicit adverts,movies,musical videos,so called fashion cultures being exibited these days and so on. No thanks to the so called Big Brother Africa indecent show.Also no thanks to disc jockeys (DJs) and parents who insist on playing dirty songs during children’s birthday parties,which in any way is the order of the day in nigeria.The so called hip hop musicians -so many misguided youths taking into music without any skills or calling but for the fame and economic benefit whose on trade mark is to compose songs with dirty lyrics,with video clips parrading misguided semi nude girls and boys should also be warned,cautioned and counselled.Let’s stop pretending,There’s work to be done by every one.We have to protect the young generations.

  236. This is horrible, the girl needs to be remanded in a psychiatric home, and for the poor boy, this has a potential to affect him all the days of his life.

  237. This actually brought tears to my face. What is this world turning to? Only God can help us o. Pls let us all be vigilant and pray regularly for our children.

  238. Its so sad to see under age children engage in such act parents needs to be very watchful

  239. May God visit d architect of this evil

  240. I hv read thru every single post and I am alarmed that only 1 person has addressed the real problem. I agree that both kids r victims and need rehabilitation. But do we hv d facility for that in naija? It is sad to think that it is so rampant to d extent that some commenters here see it as a joke. How insensitive?

    I viewed this about a week ago and I can honestly say it is the worst thing I have ever laid my eyes on. I was naïve to think I could handle it but I have been so disturbed that I feel I need counselling myself.

    Really my question is why should child porn be so easily accessible on this site? What exactly does this video promote? Why weren’t their faces blurred to protect their identies? Their present state is ruined, must their futures be the same too? Why wasn’t the video censored before being broadcast. No one needs to view d whole damn show to get the message. I certainly couldn’t.

    There ought to be a law to make this broadcast illegal and I plead with the administrators of this site to take the video out and quit contributing to d sexual depravity of this world.

  241. May God deliver us.

  242. Dis į̸̸̨§ serious. God what į̸̸̨§ dis world turning to?
    In fact A̶̲̥̅♏ short of words! Where į̸̸̨§ T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ mother of dis. Child? May God help us Ooº°˚!

  243. It is so sad. Parents shud be more vigillant nd watch who they live their kids to.

  244. Very bad indid,is unfair pls

  245. She must be purnishe for this……………….she must not excape this.
    she is too wicked to ruin a 4years old boy life like that…………she is spiolt already

  246. God almight should pls have mercy upon us, heal our wounded heart, I felt very bad coz I can’t believe this.

  247. i am dicided no any girl to conjugated between the boys under 4 years

  248. i like it

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