African Juju is Real: Man Gums to Another Man’s Wife After Husband Used Juju On Her! + Video Download

This happened in Kenya and the video was posted on Youtube two days ago. A Kenyan man (in blue jeans and white T.Shirt in the video) suspecting his wife was cheating on him went to a witch doctor who applied black magic on the wife. The unsuspecting wife went to a guest house to meet her lover and while having sex, the two got stuck….for hours.

Their ordeal attracted a large crowd, plus the police who couldn’t do anything for them. Eventually the lover agreed to pay the husband a huge sum of money in compensation, then a pastor was called to pray for them and they were finally separated. Sounds unbelievable right? See for yourself. Download The video Below.

Note Help spread this information the best way you can so people can be aware of a lot of things happening in our society, so they can hear from it.

(Inspired by LindaIKJ)

Download video here



  1. Well, biblically, traditionally, islamically, its abominable 4 a man 2 sleep wid another’s wife. Meanwile, Ladies wat is dis? Cant U pple stick 2 one man or is it a curse? Dis’ s D TIME 2 MAKE THINGS RIGHT.

  2. I love to be in this site

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