Nigerian Politicians Are Insane, They Kill Dreams – Richard Branson

International businessman with billions of dollars to his name, Richard Branson, has lambasted the crop of leaders we have in Nigeria for their high level greed which, according to him, is killing big brands wishing to do business with the government of the country, for the growth of Nigeria’s economy.

Below is the revelations by Mr. Branson on his experience in Nigeria…

The chairman of Virgin Atlantic said: “…we have virgin’s ill-fated footsteps by setting up a new airline in Africa in conjunction with Nigerian government…the details of the doomed attempts to crack the Nigerian market in the 2000s is better imagined…we put …together a very good airline-the first airline in West Africa that was ever IOSA/IATA operational safety audit accredited but unfortunately it got tied down to the politics of the country…we led the airlines for 11 years…

“We fought daily battle against government agents who wanted to daily make fortune from us, politicians who saw the government 49% as a meal to seek for all kinds of favour…watchdogs (regulatory body) that didn’t know what to do and persistently asking for bribes at any point…Nigeria people are generally nice but the politicians are very insane…that may be irony because the people make up the politicians…

“But those politicians are selfish…we did make N3billion for the federal government of Nigeria during the joint venture…realising that the government didn’t bring nothing to the table/partnership except dubious debts by the previous carrier, Nigeria Airways…The joint venture should have been the biggest African carrier by now if the partnership was allowed to grow, but the politicians KILLED it…Nigeria is a country we SHALL NEVER consider to doing business again..”

Is any Nigerian surprised that reputable companies (that don’t give bribe) are moving out of Nigeria to other countries where the leaders are more patriotic and do not earn millions every month while the masses earn N18,000 as minimum wage?


How To Make Your Man LOVE YOU Even More

Dating ladies and wives, if you practice all these, your man will be afraid to cheat on you, even if he does his mind will not be at rest. If your man is already cheating on you, begin to practice these and you will win him back. Do support it with prayers because nothing is impossible 4 God.

Below are the steps to have your man love you even more….

1. Discover his favorite pet name n call him by that.
2. Allow him exercise his authority as the head of the family.
3. DO not challenge him when he is hurt.
4. Be silent when he is angry. You can go back to him in his sober moment with apology n explain why you behave that way that annoyed him.
5. Be quick to say ” I am sorry dear”. When ever u offend him pettingly, insist on his forgiveness and kiss him when he does.
6. Speak good of him b4 his Friends and siblings.
7. Honor his mother
8. Insist that he buys gift to his parents and so be sure that he will do same 4 your parents
9. Surprise him with his favorite dish especially when he has no enough money at hand
10. Do not allow maid to serve him food when you are at home. B’cos u may lose him to them.
11. Give him warm reception with an embrace when he returns, collect his luggage and help undress him.
12. Smile when u looks at him and give him occasional packs when u are out socially.
13. Praise him b4 your children.
14. Wash his back while he is in the tub or shower.
15. Put love note in his lunch or purse.
16. Phone n tell him that u miss him.
17. Dial his number and on hearing “hello” just tell him I love u
18. If he is a public figure or politician gently wake him at the early hours of the morning and romance him to the point of demand. He will not be entice by any other woman that day.
19. Tell him how lucky you are to have him as your husband.
20. Give him a hug 4 no reason.
21. Appreciate God 4 the Adam of your life… Implement this law that every morning your family will wake up and pray. It brings unity. Value your husband b’cos u may not have the 2nd chance to love him… Always pray to God to protect him.

By Temmythorpe Oluwaseun

Thanks me lerra

SUICIDE MISSION! Pregnant Woman Caught With Ingested Cocaine

The level of greed among Nigerian ladies in recent times seems to be getting out of hand. Over the years, observed that criminal minded women have grown from just being secret prostitutes to road-side hustlers, to working with armed robbery gangs and leading robbery operations.

However, it appeared trafficking in hard drugs is where the ‘fastest’ money is and many are getting their fingers burnt in a bid to get rich quick through this means.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has arrested three suspected female drug traffickers while smuggling 4.500kg of narcotics in under wears and hair wigs. All three suspects were caught over the weekend at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.

Two of the suspects who were to board an Egypt airline flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, through Cairo were caught with 3.6kg of methamphetamines neatly hidden in customised under wears and hair wigs. Another female suspect who said she’s three months pregnant was found to have ingested an alarming 900 grammes of cocaine.

NDLEA Commander at the Abuja Airport, Mr. Hamisu Lawan gave the names of the suspects as Ms Anene Blessing Iruoma, age 26, Ms Obiakor Maryann Okwudili, age 34 and Ms Mbechi Obiageli Susan, age 38.

According to Mr Hamisu,“Anene Blessing Iruoma and Ms Obiakor Maryann Okwudili concealed 1.7kg and 1.90kg of methamphetamine in under wears and hair wigs while Mbechi Obiageli Susan ingested 900 grammes of substance that tested positive for cocaine… The suspects are helping narcotic officials in our investigation. I commend the level of cooperation among security Agencies at the airport. I also thank the management of the Federal Airport Authority for their significant role in these arrests”.

we gathered that the three ladies may spend 15 years in prison upon conviction.

Oga o, na women eye dey chook pass man own now o.

Photos: Bank Driver Arrested With 19 ATM Cards Withdrawing People’s Money

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested Dare Oladujoye, a driver with Zenith Bank, for allegedly being in possession of 19 GT Bank ATM cards and enough physical cash. It was learnt that the suspect was using the cards to withdraw money from an ATM at Ogba branch of GTB when a security guard raised the alarm.

The Commissioner of Police for the state police command, Mr. Umar Manko, said as of the time of his arrest, the suspect had withdrawn N652,000 from the ATM.

Manko said, “On July 26, 2012, around 8:30pm, there was a distress call that there was commotion at GTB, Ogba branch. On getting there, the suspect was seen with 19 ATM cards.

“He is an employee of Zenith Bank and we wondered what he was doing with the 19 cards. He was arrested and as of the time of his arrest, he had cashed N652,000. The matter is under investigation.”

The suspect however denied stealing the ATM cards. He said whenever he lent people money, he would collect their ATM cards as collateral and return them after payment.

Hear him: “I usually loan people money and I’ve been doing it for over a year. Whenever I loan people money, I will collect their ATM cards and their Personal Identification Numbers. When they repay me, I return their cards to them.

“However, if they don’t pay me back in cash, I go to withdraw money from their accounts through the ATM.”

When quizzed on where he got the money which he lent people, Dare said he was into various kinds of businesses. He also said he had friends in the banking sector who helped him with funds.

ole barawo

PHOTOS: Lil Kim’s Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong!

Kimberly Jones aka Lil Kim should be the poster child for “celebrity bad plastic surgery.”  Her plastic surgery is a total transformation from girl next door to just plain scary.

The 37-year-old rapper has done it all- nose job, boob job and we have lost count of the injections and other procedures to the face.

Even though she can rap, she is more popular for her bad plastic surgery. The doctor who did her plastic surgery should certainly give her a refund.

She really looked fine until she went under the knife.


A younger Lil Kim before any of the plastic surgery

After surgery photo

After plastic surgery


Battle of the Blondes:Nadia Buhari vs Rukky Sanda

Beautiful Ghanaian actress is always changing up her looks and  rocking some of the priciest designer wears. Well, today isn’t about her looks or outfit,but her hair.She rocked a red carpet event sporting a blonde wig and orange lipstick at an event.
We all know Nollywood actress cum producer, Rukky Sanda loves to change up her looks.Right now, she is rocking the blonde look.
Who rocks it best?

Snoop Dogg Banned From Entering Norway For 2 Years Over Drug Smuggling

Got Weed, Won’t Travel.

A lesson Snoop Dogg has learned after he was recently banned from travelling to Norway for the next two years. The ban came after the rapper, real name Calvin Broadus, who is as lengendary for his smoking habits, as he is for his music was caught trying to smuggle some of the good stuff into the country.

He had arrived at Kjevic Airport in Kristiansand with around eight grams of the drug which was detected by a sniffer-dog. A customs officer also said the artist was carrying more cash than is legally allowed and was subsequently fined 52,000 kroner ($8,600) for the violations.

This latest in a series of many run-ins with the law, make it the rapper’s second drug bust this year alone after he was arrested in Sierra Blanca, Texas back in January after he got caught with some chronic at a Border Patrol checkpoint. Snoop however doesn’t seem perturbed tweeting a few days ago ‘positive. vibrations. all. around.’

Don’t expect the mellow fellow to be bothered much; this is the guy who famously said: “Before I even said “Hi” to President Obama, I would change the aroma of the room. And then we could start conversing after we had that aroma change. You know what I’m talking about?”


claro  master. lol