Disturbing video of 9 year old boy attacking toddlers at daycare

For those who haven’t seen this video yet, please watch! Shocking and disturbing. A 9 year old boy attacks two infants at a day care centre.

Download Here



  1. Omgosh! This is so scary. He is just 9yrs old! If someone doesn’t keep an eye on him, he would turn into a serial killer or something like that! Not even sure if I want to take my son to a daycare anymore.

  2. Strangh but through

  3. What the hell is wrong with this lil thug for real. He nead his ass BEAT and everybody else who work in that so called daycare. ‘He’s just a normal child?’ what the hell is wrong with these people he ain’t no normal child. ‘He on medicine’ so what was he doing around other peoples kids. whats wrong with people these days. Yo check out my review on this matter, cus this ish was CRay http://youtu.be/UYXWq82Td1Y

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