Bishop Oyedepo To Muslim Sister : “Convert To Christianity Or Die Poor

The presiding bishop and founder of the Living Faith Christian Church International, better known as Winners’ Chapel, Bishop David Eniola Oyedepo is not new to controversy.

Though he seems like a man that can tolerate others, it is surprising that the man cannot hide his disdain for the Islamic religion which was evident when little Abdul-Gafar Ayomide Salami, a young Nigerian student seeking admission to Oyedepo church owned Covenant University was denied admission despite having all required qualifications, just because he is a Muslim.

If what he did to little Abdul-Gafar is thought to be anything serious, his disposition towards his half-sister, Alhaja Saratu Bello who refuses to become a Christian after every method implored by Oyedepo to convert her failed. He swore not to have anything .to do with her until she changes her religion to Christianity. The sister in question is being treated like the black sheep of the family and the bishop has forbidden everybody from helping her.

The sister who lives in Iyana-Ipaja area of Lagos is living in abject poverty and finds it difficult to feed while her other siblings are living in affluence. Those who know her doubt her story of being related to the man who can be said to be the richest pastor in Africa.

The man of God who is the surviving one of a set of twins after a prolonged delay in having a fruit of the womb by the late mother was born into a Muslim family of Pa Oyedepo in Omu-Aran. David Oyedepo was instrumental in the conversion of his father to becoming a Christian, a thing the father agreed to when he was very old after which he was baptized by his own son before death.

This man sha! Mouth zipped. comment


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  1. Oyedepo is not a true man of God. Jesus whom he claim to worship or follow never despise his people just because they did not believe in him till when his people planto harm him. Did he made himself rich? We all know the source f his wealth. He is not rich but has money. He has all these money from his poor followers who cannot afford three square meal. He can live forever and he shall explain to God his source of money and how he use it. Abandoning his blood sister what an eyesore

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