Marriage is a union mostly within two people from absolutely opposite backgrounds.

Statistics have shown that most problems in married homes are usually very trivial and avoidable acts which if well checked, could have been avoided.

People have gone to court to seek for divorce for the flimsiest of reasons.

Below are some of the acts both men and women need to check to enable a happy and non tensed home front.

* Getting up from the bed without bothering to lay it.

* Leaving items liter around the living room and bed room.

*Not agreeing to if the toilet seat should be kept down or up.

*Refusing to take food from the bottom of pot.

* Refusing to eat the top of a sliced bread even when you tore the wrapper open.

* Chatting or Playing with your phone, laptop, tablet, reading a book or watching tv while your spouse is saying or complaining of something important.

* Walking out on your spouse while he/she is complaining of what is hurting them.

*Refusing to eat a food if there’s no meat, fish or egg decorated on it.

* Refusing to flush the WC after using the rest room.

* Refusing to mop the floor after littering water all over the floor after having a bath.

* Piling up dishes in the sink.

* Not turning off the electronics while going to bed or leaving the house.

* Too pompous to use the words “thank you, I am sorry, Please”.

* throwing used diapers around instead of disposing them properly.

* Buying luxury items without prior consent of your partner.

* Thinking you don’t owe your partner an explanation for coming home late or leaving the house at whatever time you want.

* Going through your partners items (phones, laptops, pockets, hand bags etc) all for the sole aim of catching them cheating.

* Always eavesdropping on your partners phone and physical conversation with family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and strangers.

* Waking your partner from their sleep only to complain about events that happened during the day.

At least one of the above listed is a major cause while a marriage is about to get disolved aside major reasons like infidelity, Finance, and Family interferance.

Abeg if u get more abeg comment below and save a home.


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  1. *No matter how small ur husband is,he’s still the head,due respect should be given to him. *insulting he/she either privately or publicly. *Men remember your wife is Ʊr help mate nd not your servant,appreciate ãήϑ compliment them always . #Godblessourhome

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