Video: How Jim Iyke was Delivered of Demonic Spirits At TB. Joshua[scoan]

This just came in now, someone tweeted the
photos to me now saying it is ongoing. Jim was
delivered of demonic spirits hindering him from
finding love & marriage..and it is real. Still haven’t
come to terms with this…Details soon!
Update: Jim Iyke was worshiping at the synagogue
church of Pastor at TB Joshua streaming live on the
church’s Emmanuel TV. Jim fell under the
ministration and started crying and was called up.
As he went through the deliverance, a spirit spoke
through him and said, it was the cause of his
setback and disappointment and that he was the
biggest, it was only God’s grace that had kept him.
It had kept him from finding love and getting
married. After his deliverance and coming back to his sense, the first thing Jim asked the ushers was ‘Where are my shoes meen? Why did you take off my shoes?’. muhahaha! Funny man.
BTW! I thought he and Nadia where the next
Angelina Jolie/ Brad Pitt?




Expired Foods Can Still Be Eaten

What’s the real expiration date? (photo: Getty Images)When Doug Rauch, the former president of grocery chain Trader Joe’s, announced earlier this week that he is planning on opening a discount store that carries expired food, the big question many responded with was: “Is it safe?” Americans have come to equate products past their expiration dates with food poisoning, a misconception that contributes to 40 percent ­— or $160 billion worth — of the nation’s food supply being trashed each year.

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“Food-borne illness comes from the contamination of food by salmonella, listeria, and other pathogens,” agriculture and food expert Dana Gunders, who co-authored a recent report on food labeling by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic, tells Yahoo Shine. “They get on the food during production and processing. That’s what leads to people being sick, not the age of the food.” Many foods will still be OK to eat after their “use by” date has long expired, even meat and milk.

More on Yahoo: Harvard Study Finds Food Expiration Labels Misleading

While most people think that food labeling is regulated, the Federal Food and Drug Administration oversees only the labeling of baby formula. Everything else is at the discretion of the food producer or seller.

Widespread labeling came about during the 1970s, long after the majority of American consumers had transitioned from growing their own food or purchasing food from farms and local shops to buying from large supermarkets. “The demand for labels came out of a concern about freshness. They were never meant to be about safety,” says Gunders. In fact, expiration dates aren’t a guarantee of safety at all, since they were designed to simply indicate peak quality.

There are actually two types of food labels. “Sell by” dates are meant to tell retailers when the manufacturer recommends that they rotate stock. “Use by” or “best by” dates, meanwhile, indicate freshness to the consumer. “For most products, it’s up to the manufacturer,” says Gunders. “Some may use actual lab tests, but that’s pretty rare. They might do consumer taste testing or they might guess according to how competitors are labeling.”

In my own refrigerator, a sealed glass jar of salsa reads “best by April 24, 2014.” What exactly happens on April 25? When it comes to eating so-called expired food, Gunders and other experts say you can indeed consume many foods past their expiration dates. Just use your eyes, nose, and a healthy serving of common sense.

“Smell the food,” food safety expert Ted Labuza tells Yahoo Shine. Labuza, who teaches food science and nutrition at the University of Minnesota says the key to ensuring a longer shelf life is controlling the storage temperature and preventing exposure to moisture and oxygen. Before you toss something out, check out this list of just some of the items that will last beyond their expiration dates, if you follow a few simple steps.

Meat. Labuza keeps his refrigerator at between 32 and 34 degrees, lower than the generally recommended 40 degrees. This gives meat a 50 percent longer shelf life, he says. Labuza points out that stores don’t scientifically determine the use-by date of fresh meat, but follow what their competitors are doing.

Milk. Pasteurized milk also lasts 50 percent longer when stored at a lower temperature.

Canned goods. The label generally gives a shelf life of about three years. If you keep cans in a cool place (not above the stove) they will last about seven years. Always discard dented cans. Jarred and bottled goods will also last longer than their best date if kept in a cool place.

Frozen food. “I never look at the dates, I just eat it,” says Labuza. Freezing kills all of the microbes that cause spoilage, although food will develop ice crystals (freezer burn) if there is an air space inside the packaging.

Dry goods such as crackers and corn chips. If they have a stale texture, crisp them up in a toaster oven. If they smell “barnyard-y” or rancid, the oils have spoiled and it’s best to discard.

Eggs. Place in a bowl of water. If an egg floats, it’s gone bad, but if it sinks, it’s still edible, even if that expiration date passed you by weeks ago.

Pasta. Keep pasta in clear packaging in a dark, cool place which will increase shelf life and also retain nutrients, including riboflavin, that are light sensitive.

Bread. Keeping bread and other wheat-flour based foods in the freezer dramatically extends shelf life.

Packaged greens. If your lettuce is wilted but not visibly decayed, you can revive it by soaking in ice water for about 10 minutes.

One caveat: Prepared foods and processed meats can pick up pathogens while being produced. Gunders warns that prepared foods such as a deli sandwich or processed meats can harbor listeria that proliferates even when stored in the refrigerator. Use such foods quickly and never serve processed meats such as hot dogs or sausages (including those labeled pre-cooked) raw, especially to small children, the elderly, or anyone who has a compromised immune system. The good news: Cooking will kill surface bacteria.

The Highest Paid Nigerian Hip Hop Artistes And How Much They Charge



Award-winning singing duo, Peter and Paul Okoye famously known as P-Square are the highest paid hip-hop artistes right now, ENCOMIUM Weekly findings have revealed. The Okoyes are currently charging between N9 and N10 million for a show within Nigeria…..

Apart from information gathered from the source close to the duo, independent music promoters/artiste managers also confirmed this, declaring the Koko master, D’Banj as the second highest paid artiste. The DB Record boss charges between N6 and N7 million as a standard show fee.
“Before the split of Mo’Hits, it used to be D’Banj. When D’Banj was charging between N7 and N8 million, P-Square’s fee was N5 million”, a veteran music manager affirmed, adding, “Right now, it’s P-Square.”
The afro-pop king, 2Face Idibia is the third highest paid. Although, 2Face’s performance fee has not been consistent, it’s within N5 and N6 million.

Industry sources told ENCOMIUM Weekly that 2Baba, as he’s fondly addressed, easily adjust fees because of the love he has for fans. “I agreed that he’s the third because he loves what he knows how to do best than the money. He’s man of the people and he loves to reach out to the people. He’s always happy when he’s on stage.”

Star Boyz owner, Wizkid, who stormed the industry three years ago, rose to become the fourth highest paid music star, collecting between N4 and N5 million. Although, the Jaiye Jaiye artiste has not featured in any big show in recent times, he also told ENCOMIUM Weekly in a recent interview that he charges N4 to N5 million.
Female singer, Omawumi Megbele is the highest paid female star. She collects N3 million alongside some male artistes, including Flavour, Timayah and the rave of the moment, Olamide. Others are Darey Art Alade, Duncan Mighty, and Chocolate Music artistes, M.I and Ice-Prince.
The likes of Kukere crooner, Iyanya, Davido, Wande Coal and Tiwa Savage are in the league of artistes that go for N2.5 million, while D’Prince, Dr.Sid and one time highest earningartiste, 9ice collect N2 million respectively.
Aside artistes that still receive less than N1 million, Naeto C and Waje’s fee is N1.5 million.
“Basically, each artiste has a standard fee for gigs, concerts but for private parties such as birthday, wedding, etc, it varies. Some people would call for reduction simply because they are individuals, not brands. It depends on the artistes whether to accept or not. What I know is that it’s always fixed”, said an artiste manager.
1- Psquare – N10million
2- D’Banj – N 8million
3- 2Face – N6million
4- Wizkid – N5million
5- Omawumi, Darey, Duncan Mighty,Olamide, Timaya, Flavour, M.I, Ice-Prince – N3 million

6 – Iyanya, Davido, Wande Coal, Tiwa Savage – N2.5 million
7 – 9ice, D’Prince, Dr. Sid – N2 million
8 – Naeto C, Waje – N1.5 million


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“All she wants to do is smoke and f**k” – Wizkid reveals it all


Wizkid just gave the public the tips of her Girlfriends favorite activities, who knows if that is not just some kind of Lyrics..


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Miss Philippines Megan Lynne Young (born February 27, 1990) is the winner of Miss World 2013 Beauty Pageant.

Megan Young, before her crowning as Miss World actually made it to 3 of the 5 challenges in the Miss World competition. 
She won the Top Model challenge with her poise and regal walk, while she placed 5th in the Beach Fashion challenge and 4th in the Multimedia challenge.

Big congrats to her! 

Miss Ghana was the 2nd runner up, Miss France first runner up.




Tuface shared this photo and captioned it – After a hard day’s run, I cool off with some ‘pure’ water.. LOL, drinking pure water like a BOSS.

i call this humility, what to you call it?


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BBA 2013 housemates Bimp, Bassey and Angelo (her boo) are currently in Nigeria to celebrate with Beverly who was a year older last week. Nigerian Celebs Dayo, Denrele and her best friend/manager Charity also celebrated with the birthday girl. The party took place at hip club Aura, in Lagos.
More pictures after the jump




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