Photos Of ABSU Student That Shared her Indecent Photos & Begs For Se.x On Facebook,Were Leaked By Ex-Boyfriend


Ok, so few weeks back I posted a story about an ABSU student posting indecent photos, begging men for s*x on facebook, Click HERE. new story has emerge, the brother of the victim sent me an Email, please read:

Someone name ONYEKACHI DANEIL IKEH who secretly hack my sister’s social network and post her nak,edness not only on facebook but other website.
Hello, i need justice on this matter because of her future.
ABSU Student Shares Indecent Photos & Begs For Se.x On Facebook.
He did that just to wicked the girl after her refusal to come back to him after they broke up and he collected some huge amount from my sister in other not to post the pictures on internet but when he demanded the last money from her and she refuse to comply, that is how all this came about.

Note: It was during their courtship that Mr. Onyekachi Daniel Ikeh got access to my sister’s phone and stole the pictures unknown to my sister and out of sincerity to let him know that she has nothing to hide in their courtship period in other to gain his trust by revealing her facebook password and username to him, so Mr. Onyekachi Daniel Ikeh with his bad intention to use that in threatening her with the naked pictures you saw on net, demanding money from her in several occasions for him not to expose it publicly.
Please find the below attached Mr. Onyekachi Daniel Ikeh picture.


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