My uncle has been sleeping with me since last year— 12-yr-old girl


A young man of 32 by name Wayas is currently being interrogated by the Rivers State Police Command over an allegation brought against him by his 12-year-old niece that he had been having carnal knowledge of her since 2013.

The girl was said to have been living with the suspect since she was a baby, after her father’s death. At that time, Wayas and his wife, who had been married for a couple of years, were yet to have a child of their own so the baby girl automatically became their daughter. Therefore, it was surprising to many that the man could turn to sexually abuse the girl regarded as his daughter.

According to a reliable source within the community, the case of defilement was reported to the chairman of Finima Youth Congress, Comrade Aladiokuma Hart, who in turn notified the DPO and took the girl to him to be put in protective custody.

The suspect, Wayas, was alleged to have threatened to kill the girl if she should expose him and had continued abuse her sexually until she could no longer keep things to herself.

Speaking with Crime Reports on her experience in the hands of the man she called father, Karen said: “Anthony is a father to me. He is my father’s brother. My father is dead and my mother is in our village at Adamawa State, married to another man now. I don’t go to school. I finished Primary Six and was supposed to start JSS1 but I was not sent to secondary school by my uncle. I usually stay at home to do house chores. I would then take my cousins to school and come back home to work. I would go back to the school in the afternoon to pick them.

“My uncle started sleeping with me in 2013. How it happened was that he would leave for work in the morning and come back in the afternoon while his wife is away at work where she works as a cleaner.

He would take the children to the big room, asking them to stay there, and would take me to the small room. He would remove my pant and push me on the bed.

“He would then remove his trousers and bring out his manhood. He would then put it inside me and sleep me (sic). I can’t count the number of times it has happened. When I told the wife, she threatened to return me to our village.


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