Photos : “World’s Fattest Woman alive” slims down so she can ‘dance all night’ for wedding



38-year-old Charity Pierce who holds the current world record for fattest woman alive, has revealed plans to slim down, so she can walk down the aisle with her fiancé 22-year-old Tony Saur.

Because Ms Pierce, who is the fattest woman in the world, has developed a medical condition called lymphedema, which has caused a huge swelling on her left leg, she no longer fits easily into a regular car.

To make the 1,000 mile trip to Texas the single mother would need to hire a private ambulance, and she is currently trying to raise $5,000 to pay for it.

She has been home bound and is unable to walk without help. She plans to lose 20 stones for her dream wedding.

“I’m determined not to have to get married at home – I want to be able to walk up the aisle.

We both love country music so I plan to wear a wedding dress, cowboy boots and cowgirl hat and Tony will be in jeans and cowboy boots.” she says.

See more photos below:

Her doctors have advised her to lose weight because she is at risk of having a heart attack or a stroke and dying in her sleep.

Tony who is nearly half her age, is helping her diet and finding a doctor who is willing to perform bypass surgery on her.

Source  dailymail




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