Nairalanders,what Is The Health Implications Of Holding In Fart For A Long Time?

I know this may sound as a joke to some,but I really do not find it as such.I had a very very terrible day few days ago.I was in a salon braiding my hair and all of a sudden I felt like letting out some few thunders out,I realised some moment later that I might be suffering from constipation.I stood up at some points to excuse myself and since there are other customers waiting,I decided to bottle up the rest.Oh God of Isreal and Jacob with Isrealites!!That was a terrible mistake.ehn,my tommy began to protude like agege wey them soak for water.I had to release my belt to accomodate my tommy.I began to feel uncomfortable and nervous.I started complaining to the woman that she is as slow as a pregnant snaill.”Abeg dey cut the hair big big I won go market embarassed
After all said and done,I started releasing all the thunders and ligthening there in on my way home,but it came with so much pain in my tommy.I felt really sick and weak for some time.It was terrible!

Now the question is asked,was I tryna kill myself?




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